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AGU 2020 Sessions of Interest

ABoVE Session
Session IDTitle
B077 The Resilience and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Climate Change
GC014 Arctic and Boreal Social-Ecological Systems as Testbeds and Forerunners of Knowledge Co-Production
B024 Ecosystems studies from SAR time-series observations including results from the NISAR/UAVSAR AM/PM and NASA's ABoVE campaigns
B070 Stasis and Change in Warming Arctic Ecosystems: Achieving New Understanding Through Long-term Ecological Research
A049 Constraining Greenhouse Gas Exchange Processes Using Remote Sensing and in Situ Observations
A095 Remote Sensing of CH4 and CO2 from Space: the Expanding Observing System
B001 A Decade of Progress in Global Carbon Cycle Science
B005 Advances in Understanding Forest Dynamics using Ecological Modeling and Remote Sensing
B011 Arctic trace gas and carbon biogeochemistry: Connecting landscapes and quantifying fluxes using novel approaches
B016 Carbon Monitoring Systems Research and Applications
B041 Interactions between hydrological and biogeochemical change in permafrost environments
B086 Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon to Climate Change
C028 Permafrost systems in transition: interdisciplinary approaches and research challenges
NH028 Using remotely sensed data to assess socio-ecological issues, in particular the assessments of hazards and risks
NS005 Interrogating the Cryosphere: Insights and Advances from Geophysical Observations

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