CMS Meeting 2019

2019 CMS Science Team Meeting and Applications Workshop Participants
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0 Participants as of April 24 2019

In-Person Participants for the Stakeholders Applications Workshop only (Tue, Feb. 12): 12 as of April 24 2019

Gaffney, Karen Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District (Sonoma County Ag + Open Space)
Gordon, Deborah Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Guha, Abhinav Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Herner, Jorn California Air Resources Board
Lister, Andrew USDA Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis
Lurkins, Lauren Illinois Farm Bureau
Ramirez, Carlos USDA Forest Service-Region 5 Remote Sensing Lab
Ran, Limei EPA ORD NERL CED Atmospheric Model Application and Analysis Branch
Saad, Asmadi Jambi University, Agriculture Faculty, Soil Science
Schichtel, Allison Sonoma County Ag + Open Space
Sepulveda Carlo, Edil NASA GSFC / SSAI
Yepez, Enrico Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora