CMS Meeting 2019

2019 CMS Science Team Meeting and Applications Workshop Participants
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82 registered participants as of Dec 02, 2021

Name Organization Stakeholder Pronouns
Andrews, Arlyn NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory   she/her
Baccini, Alessandro (Ale) Boston University  
Baker, David CIRA/Colorado State University  
Bandaru, Varaprasad (Prasad) University of Maryland  
Bowman, Kevin JPL  
Brown, Molly University of Maryland  
Bussard, Jessica NASA GSFC / SSAI  
Campbell, Elliott Maryland Department of Natural Resources   in-person he/him
Chatterjee, Abhishek NASA JPL  
Cochrane, Mark University of Maryland  
Cormia, Robert Foothill College   in-person
Cusworth, Daniel University of Arizona  
Dietze, Michael Boston University   he/him
Dorheim, Kalyn Pacific NW National Lab  
Duncanson, Laura University of Maryland  
Duren, Riley University of Arizona  
Elvidge, Christopher (Chris) Colorado School of Mines  
Fahnenstiel, Gary Michigan Technological University  
Falkowski, Michael (Mike) NASA Headquarters  
Fatoyinbo, Temilola (Lola) NASA GSFC   she/her
Gaffney, Karen Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District   in-person
Gautam, Ritesh Environmental Defense Fund   virtual
Goés, Joaquim Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory  
Gordon, Deborah (Debbie) Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)   in-person
Griffith, Peter NASA GSFC   he/him
Guan, Kaiyu University of Illinois  
Guy, Madeleine (Maddie) University of Maryland  
Halabisky, Meghan University Of Washington  
Halverson, Kevin U.S. Forest Service Region 4   in-person
Hannun, Reem University of Pittsburgh   she/her
Healey, Sean USDA Forest Service  
Hearty, Thomas NASA GSFC / SGT   he/him
Herner, Jorn California Air Resources Board   in-person he/him
Holmquist, James Smithsonian Environmental Research Center  
Hudak, Andrew (Andy) USDA Forest Service  
Hurtt, George University of Maryland  
Izaurralde, Roberto (Cesar) University of Maryland  
Jacob, Daniel Harvard University  
James, Nathan (Nate) NASA GSFC  
Jucks, Kenneth (Ken) NASA Headquarters  
Keeling, Ralph UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography  
Kennedy, Robert Oregon State University  
Lagomasino, David East Carolina University  
Larson, Elisabeth (Libby) NASA GSFC / SSAI   she/her
Lohrenz, Steven (Steve) University of Massachusetts  
Lurkins, Lauren Illinois Farm Bureau   in-person
Margolis, Hank NASA Headquarters  
McGroddy, Megan NASA HQ / ADNET  
Meyer, David NASA/GES DISC  
Mitchell, Catherine Bigelow Laboratory For Ocean Sciences   she/her
Morrison, Bailey University of California, Merced   she/her
Morton, Douglas (Doug) NASA GSFC  
Moskal, L. Monika (Monika) University of Washington   she/her
Olofsson, Pontus Boston University  
Ott, Lesley NASA GSFC GMAO   she/her
Park, Taejin NASA Ames Research Center / BAERI  
Raczka, Brett NCAR  
Randerson, James (Jim) University Of California, Irvine  
Rudee, Alexander (Alex) World Resources Institute (WRI)   in-person he/him
Saad, Asmadi Jambi University   in-person
Sayers, Michael (Mike) Michigan Tech Research Institute  
Schichtel, Allison Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District   in-person
Schoenung, Susan Ames Cooperative for Research in Earth Science and Technology (ARC-CREST)  
Sedano, Fernando University of Maryland   he/him
Sepulveda Carlo, Edil NASA GSFC / SSAI   he/him
Serbin, Shawn Brookhaven National Laboratory  
Sharpe, Natalie NASA GSFC / SSAI  
Shuchman, Robert (Bob) Michigan Technological University  
Singh, Debjani Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Strebel, Don Versar, Inc.   virtual
Tang, Hao University of Maryland  
Thorpe, Andrew JPL  
Vargas, Rodrigo University of Delaware   he/him
Weitz, Melissa U.S. EPA Climate Change Division   in-person
Williams, Christopher (Chris) Clark University   he/him
Wilson, Bruce Oak Ridge National Laboratory   he/him
Wilson, Sylvia USGS / SilvaCarbon   in-person
Windham-Myers, Lisamarie United States Geological Survey  
Yadav, Vineet (Yadav) JPL  
Yepez, Enrico Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora   in-person
Yu, Yifan UCLA  
Zhang, Xuesong USDA Agricultural Research Service   he/him