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ABoVE Phase 3 Projects

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Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
Boelman, Natalie: The future of the Forest-Tundra Ecotone: A synthesis that adds interactions among snow, vegetation, and wildlife to the equation -- Boelman (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
French, Nancy: Informing wetland policy and management for waterfowl habitat and other ecosystem services using multi-frequency synthetic aperture radar -- French (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Fire Disturbance
Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura: Integrating remote sensing and modeling to better understand the vulnerability of boreal-taiga ecosystems to wildfire -- Bourgeau-Chavez (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Walker, Xanthe: Drivers and Impacts of Reburning in boreal forest Ecosystems (DIRE) -- Walker (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Wang, Jonathan (Jon): Quantifying disturbance and global change impacts on multi-decadal trends in aboveground biomass and land cover across Arctic-boreal North America -- Wang (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Permafrost and Hydrology
Du, Jinyang: High Resolution Mapping of Surface Soil Freeze Thaw Status and Active Layer Thickness for Improving the Understanding of Permafrost Dynamics and Vulnerability -- Du (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Miller, Charles (Chip): Enhanced Methane Emissions in Transitional Permafrost Environments: An ABoVE Phase 3 Synthesis Investigation -- Miller (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Tape, Kenneth (Ken): Characterizing a widespread disturbance regime in the ABoVE domain: Beaver engineering -- Tape (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Zhuang, Qianlai: Role of linked hydrological, permafrost, ground ice, and land cover changes in regional carbon balance across boreal and arctic landscapes -- Zhuang (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Vegetation Structure and Function
Duncanson, Laura: Mapping boreal forest biomass recovery rates across gradients of vegetation structure and environmental change -- Duncanson (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Lara, Mark: ABoVE-Ground Characterization of Plant Species Succession in Retrogressive Thaw Slumps Using Imaging Spectroscopy -- Lara (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution
Frost, Gerald (JJ): Towards a Warmer, Less Frozen Future Arctic: Synthesis of Drivers, Ecosystem Responses, and Elder Observations along Bioclimatic Gradients in Western Alaska -- Frost (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Goetz, Scott: Mapping and modeling attributes of an Arctic - boreal biome shift: Phase-3 applications within the ABoVE domain -- Goetz (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Liu, Yanlan: Characterizing Arctic-Boreal Vegetation Resilience under Climate Change and Disturbances -- Liu (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Townsend, Philip (Phil): Functional diversity as a driver of GPP variation across the ABoVE domain -- Townsend (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Carbon Dynamics
Bloom, Alexis (Anthony): Using CO2, CH4 and land-surface constraints to resolve sign and magnitude of northern high latitude carbon-climate feedbacks -- Bloom (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Butman, David: Do changing terrestrial-aquatic interfaces in Arctic-boreal landscapes control the form, processing, and fluxes of carbon? -- Butman (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Michalak, Anna: Quantifying climate sensitivities of photosynthesis and respiration in Arctic and boreal ecosystems from top-down observational constraints -- Michalak (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Miller, Scot: A synthesis and reconciliation of greenhouse gas flux estimates across the ABoVE domain -- Miller-S (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA
Watts, Jennifer: Contributions of tundra and boreal systems to radiative forcing in North America and Russia under contemporary and future conditions -- Watts (TE 2021)  >> 2022  NASA