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Permafrost and Hydrology
Natali, Susan (Sue) 
Rogers, Brendan
: Permafrost Pathways: Connecting Science, People, and Policy for Arctic Justice and Global Climate -- Rogers (2022)  >>
2022  The Audacious Project
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution
Berner, Logan: Mapping plant biomass distribution and change across the rapidly warming Arctic tundra biome -- Berner (NIP 2020)  >> 2023  NASA
Buermann, Wolfgang: Recent Changes in NOrthern VEgetation CaRbon CYcling - RECOVERY -- Buermann (GRF 2022)  >> 2023  Other
Baskaran, Latha: Analyzing the Land-Use Change Impacts of Oil and Gas Exploration Related Infrastructure Changes on Arctic Communities -- Baskaran (LCLUC 2021)  >> 2022  NASA