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ABoVE Projects Added in 2021

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-- 10 Projects added in 2021   
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Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
Prugh, Laura: Linking seasonal snow processes to wildlife population dynamics -- Prugh (IDS 2019)  >> 2021  NASA
Fire Disturbance
Veraverbeke, Sander 
Veraverbeke, Sander
: Fire in the land of ice: climatic drivers and feedback (FireIce) -- Veraverbeke (ERC 2021)  >>
2021  ERC 
Permafrost and Hydrology
Seifert, Frank: CCI Permafrost -- Seifert (ESA 2018)  >> 2021  ESA
Vuyovich, Carrie: SnowEx -- Vuyovich (THP 2020)  >> 2021  NASA
Watts, Jennifer: Developing high spatiotemporal resolution inundation maps to detect rapid changes in surface hydrology and methane hotspots across ecosystem gradients in Alaska -- Watts (CSDA 2020)  >> 2021  NASA
Vegetation Structure and Function
Maguire, Andrew (Andy): Seasonal response of carbon uptake to direct and diffuse light regimes across the evergreen needleleaf forest biome -- Maguire (NPP 2020)  >> 2021  NASA
Carbon Dynamics
Fichot, Cedric: The export of terrigenous DOC from boreal terrestrial ecosystems to the Arctic Ocean and its vulnerability to environmental change -- Fichot (CARBON 2020)  >> 2021  NASA
McDermott, Timothy (Tim): Environmental Distribution and Evolutionary History of Non-Methanogen Methane Synthesis -- McDermott (EXO 2020)  >> 2021  NASA
Meredith, Laura: Advancing OCS as an independent atmospheric tracer for global photosynthesis through quantification of microbial-mediated sources and sinks in soils -- Meredith (NSF 2020)  >> 2021  NSF
Watts, Jennifer: Environmental and biological controls on carbon uptake phenology in permafrost affected boreal forests -- Watts (NSF 2020)  >> 2021  NSF