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NASA: Terrestrial Ecology (2018) ABoVE Projects

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Project   (click >> to view profile) Joined ABoVE Funding Agency
Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
Boelman, Natalie: Quantifying socioecological consequences of changing snow and icescapes: A data-model fusion approach -- Boelman (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
French, Nancy: Wetland status, change, and seasonal inundation dynamics for assessing the vulnerability of waterfowl habitat within the ABoVE study domain -- French (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Fire Disturbance
Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura: Understanding the Interactions between Wildfire Disturbance, Landscape Hydrology and Post-Fire Recovery in Boreal-Taiga Ecosystems -- Bourgeau-Chavez (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Loboda, Tatiana: Assessing impact of climate-driven increase in wildfire emissions on air quality and health of urban and indigenous populations in Alaska -- Loboda (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Permafrost and Hydrology
Butman, David: Crossing the divide: Inundation drives hotspots of carbon flux -- Butman (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Kimball, John: Improving Understanding and Prediction of Permafrost Active Layer Processes Using a Coupled Radar Inversion and Soil Process Model Framework. -- Kimball (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Vegetation Structure and Function
Hensley, Scott: Analysis and Interpretation of UAVSAR Tomographic Data in the Arctic Boreal Region -- Hensley (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Huemmrich, Karl (Fred): Clarifying linkages between canopy solar induced fluorescence (SIF) and physiological function for high latitude vegetation -- Huemmrich (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Townsend, Philip (Phil): Variation in Foliar Functional Traits across Environmental Gradients in ABoVE Landscapes -- Townsend (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution
Armstrong, Amanda: Vulnerability of the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone: Predicting the Magnitude, Variability, and Rate of Change at the Intersection of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems -- Armstrong (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Duncanson, Laura: Mapping boreal forest biomass density for the ABoVE domain circa 2020 with ICESat-2 -- Duncanson (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Goetz, Scott: Mapping and modeling attributes of an arctic-boreal biome shift: Phase-2 applications within the ABoVE domain -- Goetz (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Carbon Dynamics
Hu, Lei: Toward disentangling causes for the substantial increase of CO2 seasonal amplitude in the Arctic -- Hu (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Miller, Charles (Chip): Characterizing Microtopographic Hot-spots and Landscape-scale Methane Emissions Across the ABoVE Domain -- Miller (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Chen, Min: Quantifying socioeconomic impacts of changing Arctic ecosystems using ABoVE datasets in an integrated Human-Earth system modeling and data assimilation framework -- Chen (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Frankenberg, Christian: Ecophysiological and physical mechanisms linking solar-induced fluorescence and vegetation reflectance to boreal forest productivity -- Frankenberg (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Lutz, David: Dynamic Modeling of Ecosystem Processes and Services in North American Boreal Forests within the ABOVE Study Region -- Lutz (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA
Moore, David (Dave): Improving mechanistic representation of Arctic carbon dynamics using data assimilation -- Moore (TE 2018)  >> 2019  NASA