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NASA: Terrestrial Ecology (2016) ABoVE Projects

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Permafrost and Hydrology
Iwahana, Go: Quantification of thermokarst and carbon release in ice-rich permafrost regions -- Iwahana (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Schaefer, Kevin: The Airborne InSAR and PolSAR Permafrost Dynamics Observatory -- Schaefer (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Smith, Laurence: Sensitivity of Arctic-Boreal surface water to permafrost state -- Smith (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Tabatabaeenejad, Alireza: Estimation of Belowground Biomass and Permafrost Active Layer Properties Using Radar and Lidar Measurements -- Tabatabaeenejad (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Vegetation Structure and Function
Drewry, Darren: Airborne Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Characterize Arctic Boreal Zone Phenology and Productivity -- Drewry (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Huemmrich, Karl (Fred): Causes and Consequences of Arctic Greening: The Importance of Plant Functional Types -- Huemmrich (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Carbon Dynamics
McKain, Kathryn: Arctic Carbon Atmospheric Profiles (ArcticCAP) -- McKain (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Miller, Charles (Chip): Imaging Arctic Methane Plumes -- Miller (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA
Chatterjee, Abhishek: GEOS-5 Forecasting and Modeling in Support of ABoVE airborne research -- Chatterjee (TE 2016)  >> 2016  NASA