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NASA: Terrestrial Ecology (2014) ABoVE Projects

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Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
Boelman, Natalie: Animals on the move: Remotely based determination of key drivers influencing movements and habitat selection of highly mobile fauna throughout the ABoVE study domain -- Boelman (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Brinkman, Todd: Biophysical Characteristics and Mechanisms of Environmental Disturbances Influencing Human Access to Ecosystem Services in Boreal Alaska -- Brinkman (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Frost, Gerald (JJ): Biophysical drivers and socio-ecological impacts of environmental change in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region, western Alaska -- Frost (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Prugh, Laura: Assessing Alpine Ecosystem Vulnerability to Environmental Change Using Dall Sheep as an Iconic Indicator Species -- Prugh (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Fire Disturbance
Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura: Understanding the Vulnerability and Resiliency of Boreal-Taiga Ecosystems to Wildfire in a Changing Climate: A study of the 2014 Northwest Territories Wildfires -- Bourgeau-Chavez (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Loboda, Tatiana: Quantifying long-term impacts of single and repeated wildfire burning in North American tundra on organic soil carbon stocks and ecosystem functioning -- Loboda (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Mack, Michelle: Increasing fire severity and the loss of legacy carbon from forest and tundra ecosystems of northwestern North America -- Mack (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Rogers, Brendan: Developing a spatially-explicit understanding of fire-climate forcings and their management implications across the ABoVE domain -- Rogers (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Permafrost and Hydrology
Striegl, Rob: Vulnerability of inland waters and the aquatic carbon cycle to changing permafrost and climate across boreal northwestern North America -- Striegl (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Vegetation Structure and Function
Chopping, Mark: Changes in Shrub Abundance in Arctic Tundra from the Satellite High Resolution Record for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment and Impacts on Albedo -- Chopping (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Cook, Bruce: Fingerprinting Three Decades of Changes in Interior Alaska (1982-2014) Using Field Measurements, Stereo Air Photos, and G-LiHT Data -- Cook (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Eitel, Jan: LiDAR, passive spectral, and ecophysiological approaches to link Forest Tundra Ecotone structure and function -- Eitel (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution
Goetz, Scott: Mapping and modeling attributes of an arctic-boreal biome shift: Resource management implications within the ABoVE domain -- Goetz (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Goulden, Michael (Mike): Shifting Patterns of Boreal Forest Succession and Browning Over the Last 30 Years -- Goulden (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Woodcock, Curtis: Landscape-Scale Histories and Active Monitoring of Disturbance, Seasonality and Greenness Trends for ABOVE from Landsat -- Woodcock (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Carbon Dynamics
Gamon, John: Evaluating growing season length and productivity across the ABoVE Domain using novel satellite indices and a ground sensor network -- Gamon (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Kimball, John: Satellite data driven model assessment of landscape variability and environmental controls on the Arctic-Boreal carbon budget -- Kimball (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Meyer, Franz: Characterizing methane emission response to the past 60 years of permafrost thaw in thermokarst lakes -- Meyer (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Miller, Charles (Chip): Quantifying CO2 and CH4 Fluxes from Vulnerable Arctic-Boreal Ecosystems Across Spatial and Temporal Scales -- Miller (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Natali, Susan (Sue): Winter respiration in the Arctic: Constraining current and future estimates of CO2 emissions during the non-growing season (Augmented Jul 2019) -- Natali (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA
Oechel, Walter (Walt): Temporal and Spatial Patterns of and Controls on Arctic CO2 and CH4 fluxes in the ABoVE Domain -- Oechel (TE 2014)  >> 2016  NASA
Fisher, Joshua: A Model-Data Integration Framework (MoDIF) for ABoVE Phase I research: simulation, scaling and benchmarking for key indicators of Arctic-boreal ecosystem dynamics -- Fisher (TE 2014)  >> 2015  NASA