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DescriptionLocation Status Posted by
Research Scientist  (2019-11-01)  View Full Job Posting  >>Helsinki, FinlandApplications due 11/6/19Natural Resources Institute Finland
Ecologist GS-0408-11 (TERM-PR)  (2019-10-29)  View Full Job Posting  >>Flagstaff, AZApplications due 11/15/19U.S. Geological Survey
Assistant or Associate Professor of Biology in Quantitative Ecology  (2019-10-24)  View Full Job Posting  >>Kennesaw State UniversityApplications due 11/15/2019
Assistant Professor, Specializing in Freshwater Ecology  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of Dayton, OhioCloses Oct 25, 2019
Course Instructor and Undergraduate Research Mentor 2020  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, COReview begins Oct. 31, 2019
Postdoctoral Research Associate- Fire Ecology  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>Washington State UniversityScreening starts 11/15/2019
Sr. Laboratory Technician  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>Florida International University--MiamiClose Date 11/12/2019
USGS--Ecologist, Soil Scientist, or Chemist within the Forest & Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>Corvallis, ORClosing 11/7/2019
Vernal Pools and Grasslands Reserve Director  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of California--MercedReview starts 11/12/2019
Yosemite & Sequoia Reserves Director  (2019-10-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>Wawona, CAReview starts 11/12/2019
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy  (2019-10-18)  View Full Job Posting  >>Southern Oregon University
Assistant Professor (PhD) in Environmental Studies  (2019-10-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>RoanokeRoanoke College
Faculty Career - Biology  (2019-10-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>MiamiFlorida International University
Tenure Track Faculty Position - Estuarine/Coastal Ecology  (2019-10-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Ocean Springs, MississippiOpen Until Filled
2 PostDoc and 1 PHD position for Statistical Trend Analyses with Satellite Data  (2019-10-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of Wisc. - MadisonApplications received by 31 Oct 2019 are guaranteed consideration
PhD in remote sensing of permafrost landscape change  (2019-10-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of Victoria, CADeadline Oct. 30, 2019 Dr. Trevor Lantz and Dr. Robert Fraser
Postdoctoral Research Associate  (2019-10-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of ArizonaReview Begins 10/21/2019
Research Scientist - Wildland Fire Scientist  (2019-10-08)  View Full Job Posting  >>Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, CanadaClosing Date Nov 3, 2019
CIRES/ EARTH LAB Carbon Dynamics across Disturbance Legacies in Western U.S. Forests Post-Doc  (2019-10-04)  View Full Job Posting  >>Boulder, ColoradoReview of applications Oct. 18thUniversity of Colorado
CIRES/ EARTH LAB Harnessing the Fire Data Revolution Post-Doc  (2019-10-04)  View Full Job Posting  >>Boulder, Coloradoreview of applications - Oct 18thUniversity of Colorado
Grassland Fire Ecologist  (2019-10-04)  View Full Job Posting  >>Fort Collins, COReview of applications Oct. 13thColorado State University (CSU)
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ecosystems Modeling  (2019-10-04)  View Full Job Posting  >>Annapolis, MarylandBest Consideration Date: Nov 1stSESYNC
Agricultural Science Research Technician  (2019-10-03)  View Full Job Posting  >>Sidney, MTUSDA
Interdisciplinary Biological/Physical Science Information Specialist  (2019-10-03)  View Full Job Posting  >>Salt Lake City, UTUSDA Forest Service
Science Communication Fellow  (2019-10-03)  View Full Job Posting  >>Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaCarnegie Museum of Natural History
US Forest Service: Outreach Notice for Forest Inventory and Analysis Biological Scientist/Research Forester  (2019-10-03)  View Full Job Posting  >>Falcon Heights, MNReply by Nov 1, 2019
Full or Associate Professor - Ecology   (2019-10-02)  View Full Job Posting  >>Houston, TXUniversity of Houston
PhD in remote sensing of permafrost landscape change  (2019-10-02)  View Full Job Posting  >>OttawaThe Arctic Landscape Ecology Lab at the University of Victoria
Research Microbiologist/Ecologist/Agronomist/Soil Scientist  (2019-10-01)  View Full Job Posting  >>Sidney, MTUSDA
Assistant Professor: Forest Carbon Cycle Science  (2019-09-27)  View Full Job Posting  >>CorvallisFull Consideration by 10/15Oregon State University
Assistant Professor: Global Change and Conservation in Forested Biomes  (2019-09-27)  View Full Job Posting  >>CorvallisOregon State University
Ecologist  (2019-09-27)  View Full Job Posting  >>Fort Collins, CONational Park Service
Forest Ecology Research Associate  (2019-09-27)  View Full Job Posting  >>Winter Harbor, MaineApply before Nov. 1stSchoodic Institute at Acadia National Park
RESEARCH ASSOCIATE (POSTDOC) Vegetation Ecology  (2019-09-27)  View Full Job Posting  >>GermanyUniversität Hamburg
Assistant or early Associate Professor  (2019-09-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>Cornell UniversityReview of applications starts Oct. 20, 2019
Forestry Technician (GS 5)  (2019-09-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>Pacific NW Research StationCloses 9/30/2019
Forestry Technician (GS6)  (2019-09-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>Pacific NW Research StationCloses Sep 30, 2019
Postdoc Quantitative Ecology  (2019-09-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>UC DavisReview of applications starts Oct. 15, 2019
Research Scientist   (2019-09-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>Perth Western AustraliaOpen till Oct. 2, 2019
Faculty Tenure Track-9 Mo  (2019-09-18)  View Full Job Posting  >>Kent, OHKent State
Developing LiDAR-based Tools for Digital Forestry  (2019-09-17)  View Full Job Posting  >>Purdue University
Diversity Mentor Professorship Initiative  (2019-09-17)  View Full Job Posting  >>Miami, FLopen until the positions are filledFlorida International University
Assistant Professor   (2019-09-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>MichiganNorthern Michigan University
Assistant Professor Tenure Track  (2019-09-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of British ColumbiaReview of applicants starts Nov. 18, 2019
Stanford Science Fellows  (2019-09-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Stanford Univ. CAApply by Nov. 1, 2019
Assistant Professor (Tenure-track): Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences  (2019-09-13)  View Full Job Posting  >>Albany, New YorkUniversity at Albany
Assistant Professor - Coupled Human-Natural Systems Modeling and Analysis  (2019-09-13)  View Full Job Posting  >>Boulder, ColoradoUniversity of Colorado- Boulder
Assistant Professor of Watershed Hydrology  (2019-09-13)  View Full Job Posting  >>Storrs, Connecticutlisted till 10/10University of Connecticut
Academic Coordinator  (2019-09-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>Irvine, CAUniversity of California, Irvine
Assistant / Associate Professor, Dryland Ecohydrology  (2019-09-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>Reno, NVopen until filledUniversity of Nevada, Reno
Postdoc position in Long-Term Forest Dynamics  (2019-09-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>ZurichETH Zurich
1-Year Postdoctoral Fellow   (2019-09-10)  
Dr. Pontus Olofsson of Boston University and Dr. Rachael Garrett of ETH Zurich invite applications for a 1-year Postdoctoral Fellow position focused on understanding land use and land cover change and...  view more

Boston UniversityCloses Sep 27, 2019
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy  (2019-09-10)  View Full Job Posting  >>AshlandopenSouthern Oregon University
Assistant Professor - Biology  (2019-09-09)  View Full Job Posting  >>Regis University, Denver, COReview of applications Starts Sep 17, 2019
Assistant Professor of Limnology  (2019-09-09)  View Full Job Posting  >>UW-Madison, WisconsinDue date Nov 1, 2019
Associate or Full Professor, Department of Environmental Science  (2019-09-06)  View Full Job Posting  >>Washington, DCAmerican University
Assistant Professor: Forest Carbon Cycle Science  (2019-09-05)  View Full Job Posting  >>OregonCloses 11/01/2019
Faculty Position in Plant Ecology  (2019-08-30)  View Full Job Posting  >>UCLA--Los Angeles, CAReview of Applications starts Oct 15, 2019
Postdoc in Climate--Carbon Cycle Interactions  (2019-08-30)  View Full Job Posting  >>Uppsala University, SwedenApplications due by Sep 27, 2019
Research Ecologist  (2019-08-30)  View Full Job Posting  >>Las Cruces, NMCloses Sep 6,2019
Two postdoc positions in modeling plant-environment interactions  (2019-08-30)  View Full Job Posting  >>Uppsala, SwedenApplications due 9/26/2019
Assistant Professor - Quantitative Ecologist or Evolutionary Biologist   (2019-08-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Louisville, KentuckyUniversity of Louisville
Assistant Professor of Biology (Ecologist)  (2019-08-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Hartford, ConnecticutTrinity College
Assistant Professor of Geography  (2019-08-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Louisville, KYUniversity of Louisville
The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP)  (2019-08-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Washington, DCSmithsonian Institution
Two-year Postdoctoral position in tropical forest ecology and remote sensing  (2019-08-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Montpellier, FranceAMAP lab
Wetland Ecologist  (2019-08-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Dauphin Island, AlabamaThe Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Postdoc position modeling microclimate variability  (2019-08-23)  View Full Job Posting  >>New MexicoThe Earth Systems Ecology Lab - University New Mexico
Three Faculty Research Positions for Coastal Scientists/Ecologists   (2019-08-22)  View Full Job Posting  >>St. Teresa, FLOpen until filledFlorida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory (FSUCML)
Assistant Professor of Geography - Environmental Remote Sensing  (2019-08-13)  View Full Job Posting  >>Eugene, ORposition open until filledUniversity of Oregon
Ocean Sciences: Postdoctoral Scientist  (2019-08-08)  View Full Job Posting  >>Santa Cruz or Los AngelesOpen until filledUCSC
Post-Doctoral Associate - BSOS Geography  (2019-07-26)  View Full Job Posting  >>College Park, MDUMCP
Scientist: NASA GSFC Biospheric Sciences Laboratory  (2019-07-20)  
The Biospheric Sciences Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center seeks a scientist to develop advanced techniques for remote sensing of vegetation physiology, ecosystem processes, and the terr...  view more

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MarylandClose August 19, 2019
Division Director, Division of Earth Sciences GEO  (2019-07-19)  
Become a part of our mission to maintain and strengthen the vitality of the US science and engineering enterprise. For over 70 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has remained the premier Fe...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
Alexandria, VAOpenNSF
Research Physical Scientist, AST, Earth Sciences Remote Sensing  (2019-07-19)  
The Sciences and Exploration Directorate, Earth Sciences Division, Biospheric Sciences Laboratory (Code 618), is looking for a highly skilled individual to conduct research to interpret remotely sense...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
Greenbelt, MDOpenGSFC, Biospheric Sciences Laboratory (Code 618)
Postdoctoral Research: Carbon Neutral Landscapes  (2019-07-17)  View Full Job Posting  >>Arizona State UniversityOpen till filledAndrea Cottrell:
3 Postdoctoral Scholarships in Forest Vegetation/Ecosystem Ecology  (2019-07-02)  View Full Job Posting  >>Northern SwedenUlrik Ilstedt
Research Plant Physiologist  (2019-07-01)  View Full Job Posting  >>Urbana, ILUSDA
Assistant Professor (Soil Chemistry)  (2019-06-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>College Park, MDUniversity of Maryland, College Park
A postdoctoral research position in Landscape Ecology or Macrosystems Ecology at the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Jornada Experimental Range in Las Cruces, NM, USA is now accepting appli...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
Las Cruces, NMOpenDebra Peters (
Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Environmental Chemistry  (2019-06-25)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of AmsterdamUniversity of Amsterdam
Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Soil Carbon Cycling  (2019-06-25)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of AmsterdamUniversity of Amsterdam
Post-doctoral researcher in Global Ecology  (2019-06-25)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of AmsterdamUniversity of Amsterdam
PhD: Unravelling the role of lags and legacies in explaining the response of grasslands to elevated CO2   (2019-06-21)  
Questions should be directed to Martin De Kauwe ( Expressions of interest including a CV, full academic transcript, and the names of up to three academic referees should be sent...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
University of New South Wales (UNSW), AustraliaOpenMartin De Kauwe (
Postdoc: Forecasting future forest vulnerability  (2019-06-21)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of New South Wales, SydneyOpenMartin De Kauwe (
Postdoctoral Positions-Foliar Functional Traits, Ecosystem Function and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Arctic/Boreal and NEON  (2019-06-12)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of Wisconsin-MadisonPhil Townsend
Postdoctoral Research Associate I  (2019-06-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>Boulder, COOpenUniversity of Arizona
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Soil Organic Matter Biogeochemistry  (2019-06-07)  View Full Job Posting  >>University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus)University of Toronto Scarborough
Research Associate in Environmental Sciences  (2019-06-07)  View Full Job Posting  >>Charlottesville, VAUniversity of Virginia
Postdoc in Fire Ecology  (2019-05-30)  View Full Job Posting  >>Yale
CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ecological Remote Sensing  (2019-05-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>Darwin, NT, AustraliaCloses June, 19, 2019
Ecologist GS 11  (2019-05-15)  View Full Job Posting  >>Grand Rapids, MN or Durham, NHCloses 5/21/2019Randall Kolka
Postdoctoral Fellow--Soil Carbon Modeling  (2019-05-15)  
Review of applications will begin on June 15, 2019 and will continue until the position is filled. The position is intended to be for two years with initial appointment for one year and renewal assumi...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
University of Central Florida (UCF)Open till filledDr. Sasha Hararuk
Postdoctoral Research Associate I  (2019-05-07)  
The ideal candidate will work with a group on NASA funded projects to further develop data assimilation capabilities with the Community Land Model using the Data Assimilation Research Testbed to impro...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
Boulder, COOpenAndy Fox
Ecology Postdoctoral Scholar  (2019-05-03)  View Full Job Posting  >>Bay Area, California, USAOpenTrevor Keenan
Postdoctoral Research Associate position within the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering. USC  (2019-04-24)  
The Microwave Systems, Sensors, and Imaging Lab (MiXIL) at the University of Southern California has an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position within the Ming Hsie...  view more

University of Southern CaliforniaOpenAlireza Tabatabaeenejad
Summer Lab Assistant  (2019-04-24)  
SUMMARY: Woods Hole Research Center seeks applicants for an entry-level laboratory assistant position to help prepare soil samples and then perform various analyses as part of a larger project develop...  view more

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Falmouth, MAOpen
ICOS Head of Operations  (2019-04-23)  
The person will be heading the Operations Unit at the ICOS Head Office, leading a team of 5 persons. He or she will report to the Director General of ICOS. The position is full-time and permanent. The...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
Kumpula, HelsinkiOpenICOS Director General Werner Kutsch,
Physical Scientist – Carbon Modeling and Quality Control Analyst  (2019-04-17)  View Full Job Posting  >>British Columbia)Apply before May 15thNatural Resources Canada - Canadian Forest Service Sector - Pacific Forestry Centre Victoria
2 Postdocs: Integration of drone based hyperspectral remote sensing, terrestrial LiDAR, and Cubesats to monitor structure and functions of urban ecosystems   (2019-04-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>Seoul National University, South KoreaOpen
PhD position: Arctic vegetation mapping with high resolution satellite imagery  (2019-04-11)  
The Ph.D. program in Environmental Science and Management has a Graduate Assistantship available to support participation in the NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE). The position is ...  view more

View Full Job Posting  >>
Montclair State UniversityMark Chopping
Postdoc Human/Environment interactions in the Arctic  (2019-04-11)  View Full Job Posting  >>Brown UniversityReview of applications will begin on July 1, 2019 and will continue until the position is filled.Mark Chopping
PhD position at VU Amsterdam on High latitude carbon-fire feedbacks  (2019-04-10)  View Full Job Posting  >>VU Amsterdam, NetherlandsDeadline May 19, 2019Sander Veraverbeke
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computational Terrestrial Biogeochemistry  (2019-04-09)  View Full Job Posting  >>Oak Ridge, TNOak Ridge National Laboratory
Researcher on climate mitigation, emission trends, and emission scenarios  (2019-03-26)  
CICERO currently has an open position on greenhouse gas emission trends, biogeochemical cycles, mitigation pathways, and links to the climate system and climate policy. The successful applicant will p...  view more

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CICERO NorwayOpen
2 Postdoctoral Scholar Positions  (2019-03-20)  
Two postdoctoral researchers are being sought to join the GEODE Lab at Northern Arizona University, in the School of Informatics and Computing (ecological / environmental informatics with an emphasis ...  view more

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Northern Arizona UniversityApply before end of April 2019Scott Goetz
Internship - ABoVE Airborne Campaign Data Fusion  (2019-03-04)  To view full description select ‘Summer 2019’ and ‘Goddard Space Flight Center’, then search the list for the internship title. Unfortunately these opportunities are only open to US Citizens.

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Goddard Space Flight CenterApply before April 1stLiz Hoy GST at NASA GSFC
Internship- Exploring land cover dynamics with high resolution data and high end computing  (2019-03-04)  To view full description select ‘Summer 2019’ and ‘Goddard Space Flight Center’, then search the list for the internship title. Unfortunately these opportunities are only open to US Citizens.

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Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MDApply before April 1stBiospheric Sciences Lab; Mentor: Dr. Chris Neigh
Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecologist  (2019-02-20)  View Full Job Posting  >>Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, US, 37831Open until filledPaul J. Hanson at ORNL
CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Earth System Science  (2019-02-15)  View Full Job Posting  >>Black Mountain, Canberra, AustraliaOpen until filledCSIRO
Senior Field Technician (EG-04)  (2019-02-13)  View Full Job Posting  >>Cambridge Bay, NunavutOpen until filledPolar Knowledge Canada (POLAR)
Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing  (2019-01-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Fairbanks, AKOpen until filledUAF - Geology and Geophysics department
Visiting Assistant Professor in Ecology  (2019-01-28)  View Full Job Posting  >>Carleton College, Northfield, MN, USAOpen 01/25/19
Research Engineer  (2019-01-25)  View Full Job Posting  >>Svartberget Experimental Forests, UmeåOpen until filledSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Assistant Professor - Urban Ecology & Sustainability Science, Tenure Track  (2019-01-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Boston, MassachusettsClosedSuffolk University
Postdoctoral Research Associate: Merging top-down and bottom-up approaches to partition carbon and water fluxes between the atmosphere and biosphere  (2019-01-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Stanford, Californiaopen until it is filledCarnegie Institution for Science
Postdoctoral Research Scholar - Res Inst Energy, Environ & Economic  (2019-01-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Boone, North Carolinaopen until filledAppalachian State University
RI C-AIM Postdoctoral Fellowships  (2019-01-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Kingston, RIJan 31, 2019, first consideration and Feb 28, 2019, second considerationUniversity of Rhode Island
Two postdoctoral positions-Ecosystem ecology of coupled terrestrial-aquatic systems  (2019-01-16)  View Full Job Posting  >>Millbrook, NY or South Bend, INThe Cary Institute and University of Notre Dame
Post-Doc Research Assoc - Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Sciences  (2019-01-02)  View Full Job Posting  >>Norfolk, VAopen until filledOld Dominion University Research Foundation
Senior Research Associate and Carbon Cycle Analysis  (2018-12-19)  View Full Job Posting  >>Norwich, UKOpen until filledUniversity of East Angila