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Funding Announcements

NOI/Pre-ApplicationDue DateAgencyTypeAcronymFunding Opportunity Name
 Rolling submissions accepted through March 29, 2021NASAResearchersROSES 2020 E.2Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences  >>
 Rolling submissions accepted through March 29, 2021NASAResearchersROSES 2020 A.28Rapid Response and Novel Research in Earth Science  >>
 February 4, 2021NASAGraduate StudentsROSES 2020 E.5Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology  >>
January 5, 2021February 24, 2021NASAResearchersROSES 2020 A.33The Science of Terra, Aqua and Suomi-NPP  >>
December 17, 2020March 4, 2021DOEResearchersDE-FOA-0002392Environmental System Science (ESS)  >>
January 27, 2021March 10, 2021NASAResearchersROSES A.52NASA Suomi NPP and JPSS satellites Standard Products for Earth System data Products  >>
December 15, 2020March 16, 2021NOAAResearchersNOAA-OAR-SG-2021-2006704Addressing the Impacts of Multiple Stressors on Shellfish Aquaculture through Research/Industry Partnerships  >>
December 18, 2020April 15, 2021NASAResearchersMUREPNASA Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP): Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry  >>
April 1, 2021April 29, 2021NSFResearchersNSF 21-549Center for Advancement and Synthesis of Open Environmental Data and Sciences  >>

Link to Funding Archive  >>

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