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Registered Participants

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165 registered

Name Organization Stakeholder Pronouns
Akhtar, Farhan U.S. Department of State   Yes
Alcantara, Ruth Google AI   Yes
Andrews, Arlyn NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory   she/her
Armston, John University of Maryland  
Bandaru, Varaprasad (Prasad) University of Maryland  
Bell, David (Dave) USDA Forest Service  
Blevins, Brock NASA ARSET  
Bowman, Kevin JPL  
Brown, Molly University of Maryland  
Burkhard, Ellen NYSERDA   Yes
Bush, Renate U.S. Forest Service Region 1   Yes she/her
Campbell, Anthony NASA GSFC / USRA   he/him
Campbell, Elliott Maryland Department of Natural Resources   Yes he/him
Carpenter, Dunbar Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs   Yes he/him
Chatterjee, Abhishek NASA JPL  
Chen, Min University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Childs-Gleason, Lauren NASA Langley Research Center  
Chini, Louise University of Maryland  
Choi, Chabghyun German Aerospace Center (DLR)  
Choi, Eric GHGSat   Yes
Cochrane, Mark University of Maryland  
Cook, Bruce NASA GSFC  
Crisp, David (Dave) JPL/Caltech   Yes
Croes, Bart California Energy Commission / California Air Resources Board (retired) / CIRES at University of Colorado-Boulder   Yes
Crooks, Stephen (Steve) Silvestrum Climate Associates   Yes
Cusworth, Daniel University of Arizona  
Davis, Kenneth (Ken) Pennsylvania State University   he/him
Davis, Steve The Everglades Foundation   Yes
Delgado Arias, Sabrina NASA GSFC / SSAI  
Dietze, Michael Boston University   he/him
Domke, Grant USDA Forest Service   Yes
Duane, Maureen University of Washington   she/her
Dubayah, Ralph University of Maryland  
Duren, Riley University of Arizona  
Emick, Ethan University of Minnesota  
Falkowski, Michael (Mike) NASA Headquarters  
Fatoyinbo, Temilola (Lola) NASA GSFC   she/her
Fekety, Patrick Colorado State University  
Feng, Sha Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  
Filippelli, Steven Colorado State University  
Frame, Caitlin NYSDEC   Yes she/her
Germain, Stephane GHGSat   Yes
Goés, Joaquim Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory  
Gomes, Helga Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory  
Gordon, Deborah (Debbie) Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)   Yes
Greco, Katharine ARPA-E, DOE   Yes
Griffith, Peter NASA GSFC   he/him
Guala, Gerald (Stinger) NASA Headquarters   Yes he/him
Guay, Anthony (Tony) University of Maine  
Gulshan, Varun Google   Yes
Halabisky, Meghan University Of Washington  
Hannun, Reem University of Pittsburgh   she/her
Haugo, Ryan The Nature Conservancy   Yes he/him
Hayes, Daniel University of Maine  
Hearty, Thomas NASA GSFC / SGT   he/him
Helgeson, Alexis Boston University  
Hodkinson, Amy NASA GSFC / SSAI  
Holmquist, James Smithsonian Environmental Research Center  
Hoy, Elizabeth (Liz) NASA GSFC / Global Science and Technology, Inc.   she/her
Hu, Lei NOAA / CIRES  
Hudak, Andrew (Andy) USDA Forest Service  
Hurtt, George University of Maryland  
Jacob, Daniel Harvard University  
Jucks, Kenneth (Ken) NASA Headquarters  
Kane, Van University of Washington  
Karion, Anna NIST   Yes she/her
Kawa, Stephan (Randy) NASA GSFC  
Kendig, Leanne NASA GSFC / GST  
Kennedy, Robert Oregon State University  
Kleisner, Kristin Environmental Defense Fund   Yes
Knapp, Stacy Maine Department of Environmental Protection   Yes
Kumar, Shubham Central University of Rajasthan   Yes
Lagomasino, David East Carolina University  
Lamb, Rachel University of Maryland / Maryland Department of the Environment   she/her
Larson, Elisabeth (Libby) NASA GSFC / SSAI   she/her
Legaard, Kasey University of Maine   he/him
Lehmann, Johannes Cornell University  
Leslie-Bole, Haley World Resources Institute  
Lewnard, Jack Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), U.S. DOE   Yes
Li, Bonan University of Arkansas   he/him
Li, Qianyu (Cherry) Brookhaven National Laboratory  
Lin, John University of Utah  
Lister, Andrew USDA Forest Service   Yes
Liu, Junjie JPL  
Locke, Kim NASA Goddard Applied Sciences   she/her
Lorenzoni, Laura NASA HQ  
Ma, Lei University of Maryland  
Main, Russell Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)  
Malone, Sparkle Florida International University  
Margolis, Hank NASA Headquarters  
Marx, Laura The Nature Conservancy   Yes she/her
McCartney, Sean NASA GSFC / SSAI  
McDuffie, Erin AAAS-EPA   Yes
McGroddy, Megan NASA HQ / ADNET  
McKeever, Jason GHGSat   Yes
McNicol, Gavin University of Illinois Chicago  
Miller, John NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory  
Millie Grant, Stefani Unilever   Yes
Mitchell, Catherine Bigelow Laboratory For Ocean Sciences   she/her
Morales, Valeria University of Maryland  
Moskal, L. Monika (Monika) University of Washington   she/her
Nahlik, Amanda U.S. EPA, Office of Research and Development   Yes she/her
Normile, Caroline Bipartisan Policy Center   Yes
O'Neil-Dunne, Jarlath University of Vermont  
Olofsson, Pontus Boston University  
Ott, Lesley NASA GSFC GMAO   she/her
Pandey, Akshay WWF India   Yes
Papathanassiou, Konstantinos German Aerospace Center (DLR)  
Pardini, Matteo German Aerospace Center (DLR)   he/him
Park, Taejin NASA Ames Research Center / BAERI  
Phillips, Jenn U.S. Climate Alliance   Yes
Poulter, Benjamin (Ben) NASA GSFC  
Prior, Ian Seven Islands Land Company   Yes
Qi, Junyu University of Maryland  
Raczka, Brett NCAR  
Ressl, Rainer Comision nacional para el conocimiento y uso de la biodiversidad (CONABIO)   Yes
Richardson, Will University of Arkansas   he/him
Rothenberg, Juliet Google (Alphabet)   Yes
Rubin, Tod MIT  
Runkle, Benjamin (Ben) University of Arkansas, Dept of Biological & Agricultural Engineering   he/him
Saatchi, Sassan Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Caltech  
Sanna, Astrid University of Washington  
Scarth, Peter The University of Queensland  
Scott, Joel NASA HQ   Yes he/him
Selkirk, Henry (Rennie) NASA Headquarters  
Sepulveda Carlo, Edil NASA GSFC / SSAI   Yes he/him
Sharpe, Natalie NASA GSFC / SSAI   she/her
Shen, Quan University of Maryland   she/her
Shrestha, Gyami U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program   Yes she/her
Simons-Legaard, Erin University of Maine   she/her
Singh, Debjani Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Slaton, Michele USDA Forest Service   Yes
Solomon, Dawit CCAFS   Yes
Stanton, Charlotte Google   Yes
Stewart, Anthony University of Washington   he/him
Stroud, David NASA GSFC  
Sullivan, Patrick University of Utah   he/him
Sun, Ying Cornell University  
Sundquist, Eric U.S. Geological Survey  
Tang, Hao University of Maryland  
Tedesco, Kathy NOAA   she/her
Thornton, Michele ORNL DAAC   she/her
Thorpe, Andrew JPL  
Vargas, Rodrigo University of Delaware   he/him
Vogeler, Jody Colorado State University  
Walker, Tammy Oak Ridge National Laboratory   she/her
Wanninkhof, Rik NOAA/AOML   Yes
Wei, Jianwei NOAA / STAR  
Wei, Yaxing Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Weir, Brad NASA GSFC GMAO / GESTAR USRA   he/him
Weiskittel, Aaron University of Maine  
Weitz, Melissa U.S. EPA Climate Change Division   Yes
Wessels, Konrad George Mason University  
Wickland, Kimberly (Kim) United States Geological Survey   she/her
Williams, Christopher (Chris) Clark University   he/him
Wilson, Sylvia USGS / SilvaCarbon   Yes
Woodall, Christopher (Chris) USDA Forest Service  
Woolf, Dominic Cornell University   he/him
Worden, John JPL  
Wu, Jinghui Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory   she/her
Yahnke, Amy Washington State Department of Ecology   Yes
Zhang, Dongchen Boston University  
Zhang, Li (Alex) The Pennsylvania State University  
Zheng, Tao Central Michigan University  
Zhu, Qing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   he/him

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